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What is JobsBazaar?

JobsBazaar is a hassle-free, online, global exchange linking talented jobseekers, employers and recruiters worldwide.
Who are the target users of JobsBazaar?

JobsBazaar focuses on the needs of job seekers and talent seekers worldwide.
How do I become a member of JobsBazaar?

Click Employer in JobsBazaar Home Page. You will be automatically directed to the JobsBazaar registration page where you can register yourself by filling in all the required information. Once you are registered, you will receive an Email confirming your registration.
What benefits will I receive as a member of JobsBazaar?

As a member of JobsBazaar you will have access to the following service channels available through My JobsBazaar:

Free Services

  • Free Job Posting
  • Automatic Job Posting from the careers page on your corporate website
  • Resume Alerts
  • Employer Profile (Complete Profile is a paid service)
  • Registering in JobsBazaar Resume Robot Employers
  • Registering in JobsBazaar Home Coming Service

    Paid Services

  • Premium Job Posting
  • Hot Jobs Posting
  • Access to one of the fastest Resume Database in the world
  • Advertisements on JobsBazaar web site
What is Employer Central?

Employer Central is your personal guide to help you manage your candidate search. Employer Central provides you with options to post jobs, search resumes, create resume alerts, and many more.
How do I search for a resume that will exactly match my requirements?

Assuming you have registered with JobsBazaar and purchased JobsBazaar Resume Database service, you may log in here. Once you are logged in, select "search resumes" on the right tab of your Employer Central page. From here, you will go to the resume search form. Simply fill in the blanks and click "submit". You will find a list of candidates matching the criterion entered.

You could optimize your search results by:

  • Using a variety of different keywords. Using word prefixes for better results. For example, the keyword project would return all resumes containing project development, project developer, Project analyst etc.
  • Use Resume Agents to save you time by setting up a broader scope of searches.
  • Use Boolean search facility provided by JobsBazaar (And, Or and Not).
How do I post jobs?

Assuming you have registered with JobsBazaar, you may log in here. Once you are logged in, select "Post Jobs" from the Jobs section on the right tab of your Employer Central screen. From here, you will go to the job listing form. Simply fill in the blanks and "click submit". Your job is instantly added to our database and can be viewed by job seekers.
How do I edit a job?

Once you are logged in, click the "Manage Jobs" link on the right side tab of your screen. You will then arrive at a page displaying all of your jobs in you have posted. You may edit a particular job listing by selecting the "Edit" option to the right of the listing.
How do candidates respond to my job listing on JobsBazaar?

Candidates can respond to your jobs online through Apply Job - Online application form. The candidates' resume and the personal message are directed to your email.

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