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Five Easy Steps to Post Jobs at JobsBazaar

Once you are registered with JobsBazaar, posting jobs at JobsBazaar is easy and quick.
  • From the JobsBazaar home page, enter your 'username' and 'password' and click on 'Login'
  • Click on 'Free Job Posting' link on the Employer Central / Recruiter Central screen.
  • Enter the job details in the relevant fields.
  • Check for correct spelling, grammar and structure. If the Job Posting reads well, click on 'Save'.
  • Your Job Posting will be Live in a couple of hours. You can post a new job by clicking on the 'Click here' links provided on the screen.
If you are stuck while posting your job or have any questions to ask, please email us at Services@JobsBazaar.com or call JobsBazaar customer support at the following numbers.

You may also avail the option to have your jobs automatically posted at JobsBazaar at no expense. Contact our customer support at Services@JobsBazaar.com for details.
Job ID Enter a Job ID for your Job Posting. This is for your own convenience.
Job Title Enter a Job Title for the Job you are posting. The Job title appears on the Job Search and is therefore vital.

This should be a very general description of the position you have on offer. Ex: Project Leader, Network Engineer, Marketing Manager etc.

This is a mandatory field.
Location This information indicates the location where the job is posted.

Select a location from the list box. It features Country - State - City for your convenience and easy targeting. If you do not find your state and city listed in the list, please enter your city in the "other city" text box.

You may select multiple locations (maximum of five) by holding down the CTRL key while selecting locations.

Note: However, You cannot select the country, and a city or a state within the country as the selecting the country automatically holds good for all locations within the country. Like wise, you cannot select State, and a City within the state.

If the job is of a touring nature, select the state or country where the job is posted.

Note: If you want to narrow your job search further when the city is not available in the Locations list box, you may enter a city in the "Other Cities" box. However, make sure that you do not select multiple states or countries.

This is a mandatory field.
Job Type Choose Permanent, Contract or Contract to Perm options to identify the appropriate status of your job posting. If the position can be described using more than one term, click on all the terms that apply.

This is a mandatory field.
Salary Salary information is optional. You might indicate the average salary offered for the position. Enter the salary in numbers. If you enter the salary information, also indicate whether the rate of pay is hourly, weekly or monthly, and the currency in which the salary would be paid from the drop down boxes provided.
Education Education Information is optional. You might indicate the Education Level to screen resumes. You could select the Education Level from the following list.
  • No Preference
  • High School
  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelors Degree - 3 Years
  • Bachelors Degree - 4 Years
  • Masters Degree
  • Doctorate
  • Post Doctorate
  • Certification
Experience Required Experience information is optional. You might indicate it to screen resumes received.
Also accept resumes from You can choose to accept from anywhere in the world as well as restrict resume acceptance.

However, if you select anywhere in the world, all the options selected are automatically disregarded.
Job Description Enter the job description for the job you are posting. You may type the job description in the box provided or paste the text prepared previously.

It is not necessary to include the job title here as it is already entered in the Job title field.

Job description must be detailed, attractive and must spell out clearly what duties, responsibilities and conditions are included in the job. You could also include information about the company, benefits offered to market the position to the candidates.
Click "Save" button after reviewing your job posting.

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