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Resume Alerts

What are Resume Alerts?
Create Resume Alerts
Manage Resume Alerts

What are Resume Alerts? Your Resume Alerts perform a periodical (daily, weekly or monthly - based on your choice) customized search and directs the results to your email inbox. This way you could see the latest resumes posted on JobsBazaar.

This service is available only when you have subscribed to JobsBazaar Resume Database product.
Create Resume Alerts

To create a Resume alert, you will have to login to Employer Central / Recruiter Central. You will find a Resume Alerts link on the left side bar, and in the Employer Central / Recruiter Central.

Once you click on the link, you are directed to Manage Resume Alerts Page wherein you can create a Resume Alert on Clicking the "Create a New Resume Alert" button or link.
Enter Key Words Enter keywords for the resumes you would like to see in your inbox. The keywords could be a skill, job title or geographic location.

Examples: Oracle, Programmer, Designer, New York, Singapore, ASP, Java etc.

This is a mandatory field to create your Resume Alert.
Select a Location This option helps you in locating jobs in the location of your interest. Skim, choose and select from the country-State-City list, where you want to find a Resume. You can select multiple locations by holding down the key while clicking selections.

A maximum of ten locations can be selected for one Resume alert.
Experience You can select the experience level to narrow down the search results for your Resume alert.
You can choose your Resume Alerts frequency from the following options.
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
Your Resume Alerts are directed to your email inbox based on the above selection.
Manage Resume Alerts

A page listing your Resume Alerts will show the keyword with which the Resume Alert was originally created.

To modify the Resume Alert, click the 'Edit' option. You are directed to a page where you could modify the Resume Alert. After modifying the Resume Alert, click "update to save the modified Resume Alert.

To delete the Resume Alert, click the 'Delete' option. You cannot retrieve a deleted Resume Alert, so be sure that you want to delete a Resume Alert.

To view the results of your Resume Alert, click the 'View Results' option.

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