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Search Resumes

JobsBazaar offers you a comprehensive search form that helps you refine your search to look for candidates by keywords, location, experience and education.

Resume Database is a paid product at JobsBazaar. Email us for information on subscribing JobsBazaar Resume Database.

Keyword Search The most appropriate way to refine your search is through keywords. You may search for candidates by skills, cities, companies, or any other identifier.

You may enter multiple words to broaden or narrow your search. Use a space to separate words. Select if All words, Any words, or Boolean option.

The Boolean option offers you to limit the job results. Boolean operands supported are "AND", "OR" and "NOT"

You may use the "AND" operator to narrow your job search.

For e.g. Java And SQL Server

You may use the "OR" operator to widen your job search.

For e.g. Java or ASP

You may also use the "NOT" operator similarly.
Location You can narrow your search results to accurately suit your location specific needs by selecting location. Choosing Anywhere will result in resumes in all the locations.

The locations are listed by Country-State- City. You can select a maximum of five locations.
Education You can refine your resume search by selecting an education level. You can select from:

High School
Associate Degree
Bachelors Degree - 3 Years
Bachelors Degree - 4 Years
Masters Degree
Post Doctorate
Experience < 1 Year
2+ Years
3+ Years
4+ Years
5+ Years
6+ Years
7+ Years
8+ Years
9+ Years
10+ Years
12+ Years
15+ Years
20+ Years
Display You may also choose on how recent the resumes were posted or modified. You can choose from resume posted during:

Last 24 Hours
Last 7 Days
Last 30 Days

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