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This section helps prospective employers identify your skills.

Skill Type Select a skill type that closely matches your skills and areas of expertise. You can choose from the following Skill Types:

Accounting Business Communications
Executive Graphics Hardware
Legal Machinery Management
Personal Professional Programming
Languages Research Software

This field is required to activate your resume.
Skills / Expertise You can enter your skill areas. You can separate your skill areas using a comma. You can enter a maximum of forty characters in skills box.
Experience Level Select your experience level of the entered skills / areas of expertise from the following options.
  • Basic Knowledge
  • Medium
  • Expert
  • Management Only
Years Used Select the number of years these skills were used by you. This field is required to activate your resume.
Last Used Select the year in which you had last used these skills. This field is required to activate your resume.
Click Save & Add to add additional skill types to your profile.

Click Save & Continue to move to the next screen.

Click Cancel & Exit to return to the main screen.

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