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What is JobsBazaar?

JobsBazaar is a hassle-free, online, global exchange linking talented jobseekers, employers and recruiters worldwide.
Who are the target users of JobsBazaar?

JobsBazaar focuses on the needs of job seekers and talent seekers worldwide.
How do I become a member of JobsBazaar.com?

Click register in JobsBazaar home page. You will be directed automatically to the Jobseekers registration page. Simply enter the requested information. Once you are registered, you will receive an e-mail confirming your username and password.
What benefits will I receive as a member of JobsBazaar?

As a member of JobsBazaar you will have access to the following service channels available through My JobsBazaar:

  • Resume Maker
  • Job Alerts
  • Career Guidance
  • Free Access to JobsBazaar Resume Robot
  • JobsBazaar Home Coming Service
What is My JobsBazaar?

My JobsBazaar is your personal guide to help you manage and organize your global job search. My JobsBazaar provides you with options to create your resume, search job postings, create job alerts, and receive career guidance.
How do I search for a job that will exactly match my skill set?

Visit the Global Job Search page. In the skills textbox enter the keywords that describe your skills and experience. Your search will return only those job postings that exactly match your skill set.
What are Job Alerts?

Job Alerts are automatic search agents that search the latest job postings and notify you by e-mail whenever a job is posted that matches your specifications. You can create any number of job alerts with different specifications.

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