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Cover Letters

  Cover Letters
Cover Letters
Cover Letter Tips
Sample Cover letter

A cover letter always accompanies your resume and is used while emailing, faxing or snail mailing your resume to companies in which you are applying for a position. Cover letters should also be used while contacting recruiters and hiring companies.

Your cover letter speaks about your personality, your skills and your communication. It is essential that you have to market your skills and strengths through the cover letter. Try to avoid the usual things spoken in the cover letter like " in pursuance to your advertisement in----------". Such kinds of letters are boring to the readers as they go through such letters everyday.

Time-tested researches have proved that a well-written cover letter boosts the chance of your resume being read by up to 65%. Though used in conjunction with a resume the cover letter should also be able to speak for itself and sell your skills to the reader through a precise and effective matter.

The headings and statements provided in your cover letter should present an image of your skills as a match to the job and salary you are looking for.
Tips for writing cover letters:

An effective letter conveys a sense of purpose, project enthusiasm for the position, and demonstrates the candidate's knowledge of employers needs. A dynamic cover letter that highlights your skills and what you can contribute to the employer invites her/him to read your resume for more detailed information. Following are some basic tips for you to bear in mind while preparing a cover letter.

  The letter should be addressed to a specific person. For this purpose you may need to call the company but following this method will facilitate a quick response.
  Your letter should be tailored to the requirements of the position.
  Always send a typed letter, do not send a photocopied or handwritten letter. It may leave a bad impression.
  Your cover letter should sound very confident and should be able to invite the employer for an interview.
  The letter should be type written or word processor, with full spell check.
  Proof read your letter several times and make a copy to keep for your files.
  Before mailing ask the following questions to your self.
  Is my cover letter clear?

Is it going to speak on my behalf about my skills and experience?

Am I including relevant info?

Is it well organized?

Will my letter make it clear to the employer about my contributions to the position?
  Final step
Do not forget to follow up, or all the other steps will be in vain!

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