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  Common Interview Questions
Common Interview Questions
Interview Tips
1. Why do you want this job?
Your answer should be precise and must explain the positive aspects that attracted you to apply for this job. However, you must be careful in not mentioning the negative aspects of your present job.
2. What do you think you can contribute to the success of the company?
This is a chance for you to form an impression. Explain about your past achievements in your previous job(s) relevant to the new position you are applying for and how you could contribute to the company's success.
3. Why do you want to work with this company?
Your answer must emphasize all the positive aspects of the job you have applied. However, it is better to avoid controversial subjects such as money and working hours.
4. What is the feature that interests you about our product/service?
We recommend prior research on the company before attending the interview. It helps you to answer such questions better.
5. What do you think we can offer that your previous company has not offered?
Answer with utmost care here. Do not mention money aspects as it may create a negative impression. You could stress upon opportunities for personal growth, new challenges, etc. as positive motivators in applying for the job.
6. Why do you think we should employ you?
You may answer this question based on your previous experience and achievements relating to the position and company. As a conclusion, you could mention that you could fit into the position comfortably with a supporting reason. You may also ask the employers opinion about this.

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